Why Choose Wallot’s Digital Services for your DVD Transfer?




By offering multi-format media transfer services and a pick up and delivery service we become your best choice. Minimizing the time you spend searching for a local Ventura County company that is affordable and reliable. The top formats currently offered are:


All common videotape formats can be transferred to DVD, including:

*Transfer to Computer or External Hard Drive available (avi, mpeg, etc.)






We have top of the line equipment ready to help you hold on to your memories such as;

Wedding videos, Bat mitzvah or Bar mitzvah, your baptism, your graduation from high school video or college, that one special Christmas party, your children’s birth, your best football game, basketball game, soccer game, school play, drama, your child’s first words, the first time your child rides a bike, or any other once in a lifetime event must be converted to DVD in order to preserve viewable quality.


Our prices and turn around time are some of the best, if not the best, available.



Your VHS tapes, Mini-DV tapes, and/or VHS-C tapes are gradually loosing their viewable life by sitting in a shelf in your garage, especially in warm and humid weather like Westlake, Agoura Hills, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Fillmore, Simi Valley, and Santa Paula.



Damage is also caused in beach weather cities (Ventura, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Malibu, Santa Barbara, Carpinteria, Los Angeles, etc.) where corrosion of the tape’s film occurs with humid and constant temperature changes. You may have noticed that after playing a tape a number of times you will see a noticeable loss of quality but if you transfer it to DVD this is almost completely unnoticeable and the DVD shelf life is about 100 times greater than that of a video tape not to mention the ability you have to make duplicate copies to have in case of damage to your home (fire, flooding, theft, landslides,  etc.) or your DVD. Please don’t wait years to make the transfer to dvd, you may pull out your dusty tapes and find that they are no longer playable!


The conversion will save you grief, sadness, and feelings of loss as these video moments once captured will no longer be retrievable!


It is so easy to make a dvd copy on your computer that you are now able to share this with your family in an easier way than ever.


Not only does the conversion slightly improve the quality of your tape transfer but, in the long run, will save you time trying to find that special scene in your video as there will be no more waiting for your video tape to rewind! Menu selection is now available!!!


We also urge you to make the conversion and investment due to the fact that most VCR’s will fail sometime and may possibly damage your VHS tape by getting it caught so deep in the mechanism that you may have to tare or rip the tape film in order to get it out.


Businesses often video tape or record special events like trainings, grand openings, special speakers, or collaborative public relations events, council meetings, company meetings, etc.


We’ve worked with local agencies, small business, and many families and individuals that can vouch for our service, communication, and reliability.


You deal directly with a person when you call Wallot’s Digital Services at 805-368-7023, if we don’t answer right away, we call you back on the same day. You, as our customer, are the most important thing and you don’t have to send anything by mail or unreliable packaging or carriers, we come right to you to pickup and drop off your original tapes as well as dvd transfers with a case and cover for only $29.99 (1-20 2hr. tapes – 30+ tape transfers qualify for discounts at $19.99) Overall, we ask you, is it worth the investment? How much did you spend on the special event you videotaped or recorded? We leave this one up to you to answer.


We hope that you’ll make the clear choice by selecting us for your Ventura, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties tape to DVD transfer services for your home or business!



Other services to retain your precious memories:


Photography restoration (Photo, Negatives, Damaged, Stained, Ripped, Color Loss, Picture stuck to frame, etc.)


Photo Digitizing (Scanning photographs, Photo albums, prints, etc, to Computer, DVD, or External Hard Drive)


Video Photo Capture:

Have you lost, or has your slideshow/montage creator for your special day lost your pictures and you only have them on video? Whether they are on DVD, VHS, Mini-DV,

and most other video formats, we can help you retrieve those images to digital and sometimes convert them to print quality when available.


Hard Drive and Computer Backup:

Create a clone of your existing computer or hard drive containing your most precious data such as photographs, video, music, programs, and or written documents. Most people wait for their system to fail before considering a backup solution but we ask that you prevent the possibility of data loss altogether to avoid the stress and worries that come with this type of situation, you may know someone who has gone through this traumatic experience, as it is a traumatic one. Be safe, give us a call and we will setup a backup solution for you data at home or in the office.



Create New Memory Gifts:

DVD Slideshows (Include Music, Special transition effects, motion)

Picture Books (Different sizes available)


Full Setup, Tutoring, and Installation:

We will help you purchase the right scanner to be able to do this yourself!

Our expert technician will walk you through how to scan a picture, change

picture storage location on your hard drive, Email a picture, and do basic

correction on your new digitally scanned images!